Martin Archery Firecat 400 Bow Review

The Martin Archery Firecat 400 hunting bow is one of the best compound bows in its price bracket I have had the pleasure of dealing with. From it’s ultra slick design to it’s blazing speed, the bow provides an above satisfactory level of perfection when it comes to hunting. The Firecat 400 makes promises of no vibration and being extremely quiet, so I was more than happy to put it to the test. With hammerhead bowstrings, it can power arrows at lightning fast speeds ensuring a spook-free kill. Other perks to the bow include Saddleback Thermal Grips and a Quick-Lock Stabilizer mount.

As soon as I took the Firecat 400 out of the package, I was impressed with it’s overall look. The texture looks great and you just know it’s a lean, mean, hunting machine. Equipped with Nitro Hybrid Pro Cams, you can be sure that you have some of the fastest cams to ever exist on a hunting bow. If you’re looking for extremely fast speed, then rest assured that the listed delivery speed of 335 fps will outmatch any of it’s rivals. Both smooth and accurate, the Firecat is for serious hunters who are looking for a serious bow.

I needed to get this bow set up and ready to use as quickly as possible. I set it up, grabbed one of my finest arrows and set up a target. Feeling pretty good about my shooting, I had my expert hunter buddy and bow enthusiast test it out, and the results were nothing short of amazing. With lightning fast speed and high accuracy, my friend was able to successfully hit the exact same mark several times with ease. Perhaps it’s because it’s equipped with PowerTough Limbs that it’s able to provide such a smooth, delicate, but powerful experience. The Nitro Hybrid Pro Cams definitely work. They provide unparalleled smoothness and deliver speeds so fast that you’ll probably struggle to see the arrow fly.

My overall conclusion is that the Martin Archery Firecat 400 is one of, if not the best hunting bow in it’s price range. Made for hunters with low (like me) to high experience, it’s tailored for just about anybody.

Check out the video below from Martin Archery


  1. Oh my! This Martin Archery Firecat 400 hunting bow is totally amazing! I think this is one of the finest hunting bows I saw. Superb! Thanks for sharing!

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